Medway Council requested Perform Green develop a digital strategy in support of their smart city agenda and alongside a major development programme on the Hoo Peninsula.

The Challenge

Medway has strong ambitions to become a leader in the smart city space and is currently progressing an ambitious scheme to develop the Hoo Peninsula into a Smart and Sustainable Waterfront University City. In support of this development, Medway commissioned Perform Green to develop a comprehensive digital strategy for the Medway region, with a focus on the Hoo Peninsula development as a smart innovation zone.

What did we Deliver?

Our team of smart city consultants worked in collaboration with Medway Council to establish a project plan that would allow us to complete the work whilst meeting the short timelines.

Over a 12-week period, Perform Green completed:

  • A series of requirements capture workshops, held onsite with Medway Council to discuss the needs of the various different stakeholder groups
  • A site visit to the Hoo Peninsula development area
  • An extensive research exercise focusing on four key areas of smart city development; Smart Homes, Smart Streets, Smart Transport and Smart Social Infrastructure.
  • Augmentation of research findings with the extensive knowledge of our own smart city consultants
  • A large number and wide variety of case studies, example deployments and use cases to be considered as part of the Medway Smart City Agenda
  • A cost model for delivery of the infrastructure required to deliver the technologies detailed in the case studies
  • A Full and final digital strategy for Medway and the Hoo Peninsula

Key Success

The Digital Strategy for Medway is now being used by Medway Council as an evidence base to continue the development of their Transformation Agenda. It will bring a digital dimension to future funding bids, adding value and impact for central government, and help to put Medway on the Map.

Why Perform Green?

Perform Green were able to provide an experienced team of consultants, with a balanced mix of specialist knowledge on planning, technology, infrastructure, local authority practices and funding models. Our in depth research and analysis complemented the existing knowledge base within the smart city team and our dedicated PMO function ensured the project ran to time, quality and budget.