As a certified B Corporation, Perform Green have sustainability embedded in all the work that we do. We are committed to building a sustainable future across the domains of environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, organisational sustainability, people and community sustainability.

We also build in sustainability to the way we work: In 2019, Perform Green made the change to become a remote-first organisation to reduce our own carbon emissions, waste, costs and staff travel time, and to showcase the ways in which business can transform into a more sustainable force.  We are consistently on the forefront of testing sustainable business practices and our move to trialling a compressed working week in 2022 is our latest example of this.

Environmental Sustainability

We are specialists in creating bespoke sustainability strategies for organisations, developing carbon emission models and solving complex organisational problems to support organisations on their sustainability journey.

Some of our projects in this arena include:

Environmental Sustainability goes right back to our roots: our founder and chief Executive Barney Smith was developing climate models back in 1989, and studied climate change at university, including postgraduate dissertation on the 1992 Rio ‘Earth’ Summit. He then worked in environmental sector, including senior roles at Natural England and Defra. During his time at Natural England, he was Programme Director for successful 50% carbon footprint reduction programme.




To bring additional sustainability expertise to our clients, we have established a collaborative partnership with the Energy and Environment Institute at the University of Hull, who are leading efforts to tackle global environmental resilience and energy sustainability.

Read more about the Sustainable Energy Opportunity.



Economic and Commercial Sustainability

Perform Green understand the need for local and regional authorities to develop whole-place sustainable economic strategies and economic/commercial models for the benefit of their constituents and to support their environmental agenda.  We have worked with clients to create economic and commercial strategies that provide insight and recommended actions to promote sustainable economic growth whilst protecting and enhancing the local environment and reducing carbon emissions. 

Some of our projects in this arena include:

For more information on Commercial Sustainability and sustainable sourcing strategies, see our Commercial Sustainability page

Organisational, People and Community Sustainability

Perform Green are organisational development and change management specialists – helping organisations to create sustainable structures, cultures and operating models. Examples include:


Typical outputs and outcomes our clients are seeking include:

  • Sustainability Strategies and Policies
  • Bespoke Carbon Footprint Modelling and Tracking Tool development
  • Sustainability Action Plans
  • Sustainable Sourcing Strategies
  • Workforce Strategies
  • Creation of new business models and operating models