Perform Green have undertaken an analysis of our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) carbon footprint (CO2e).

Baseline Year (2022/23) results

GHG Scope Carbon Footprint  Carbon Emissions
(Kg CO2e per unit)
Scope 1 emissions 0
Scope 2 emissions 0
Scope 3 emissions   
Transport 1,554.0
Working from Home 2,484.4
Food and Drink 73.0
Associates 75.4
Postage, Freight & Courier 426.8
Hotels 114.4
Procurement 0
Third Party 0
Total Carbon Emissions 4726.0


Perform Green’s Carbon footprint is equivalent to 4,726.0 kg of carbon dioxide, with the two main components being Transport (33%) and Working from home (53%).



A scope meeting with the team, alongside 1:1 meetings, were undertaken to get a better idea of what should be included in Perform Green’s Carbon Footprint, and how this should be rationalised for future footprints. A set of rules were agreed, providing a basis to determine which activities should be included, and which should be excluded. The five rules are listed below.

  • Goods or services that Perform Green has paid for are included in Perform Green’s carbon footprint.
  • Activities are excluded if there is not the availability of reliable data for that activity.
  • Activities that are small and that make a small impact on the overall carbon footprint, will be excluded.
  • If a shareholder deems it important enough to be included, it can be included, and similarly excluded if deemed unimportant.
  • Time Frame- Financial year to align with other reporting.