Commercial and Business Development

Perform Green are experts in developing and delivering Commercial Strategies – both for procurement, supplier relationship management and new income models. This is driven and enabled by the need for innovation.

Austerity means that the public sector needs to find more cost effective ways of delivering services and suppliers need to develop their products and services for new business models.

For public bodies – this means getting greater value from suppliers, and finding new commercial approaches to paying for and delivering public services, which can involve creating innovative income models including gaining new value from public assets and spin out companies. There are often ‘quick wins’ to achieve savings or income which can then partially be reinvested to gain far more significant financial and citizen benefits.

Equally, suppliers need to understand the changing financial and digital landscapes that are establishing themselves in the public sector, using sometimes novel or at least unfamiliar procurement channels.

Finally, the way public services develop and are delivered in the future are likely radically change through the application of new commercial business models, analytics, and AI. We help business and other organisations take advantage and develop to gain capability,

Our Expertise

Perform Green have established a team of experts with a proven track record in delivering a number of services:

  • market analysis and market making
  • commercial management & dispute resolution
  • contractual support for selection, contracting, transition and performance management
  • development of value through the supply chain, including innovation and best value
  • rapid cost base reduction
  • creation and development of supplier side capabilities
  • opening up new markets for both public and private bodies
  • development of commercial income models and building of revenue streams
  • raising investment from a range of sources
  • creating culture of innovation
  • enabling development of innovative products
  • driving innovation go-to-market strategies