Perform Green provide strategic leadership, development, programme assurance and delivery services for integrated Smart Operations Centres and all of their associated services. We have expertise and experience in leading the delivery of integrated and collaborative Smart Operations Centres, aided by an open information platform and focussing on the needs of citizens.

We help our clients to deliver Smart Operations Centres, bringing out technology change delivery expertise to ensure clear alignment of transformation project with business objectives and Smart Society strategy.

Examples of how we can support our clients include:

  • Using cloud-based technologies to develop, amongst others, Smart Transport, Waste, Health and Environment solutions
  • Sourcing cloud-based suppliers to reduce operating costs and increase resilience
  • Building and integrating capabilities across multiple verticals
  • Developing new commercial revenue models
  • Building resilient operational models and communities
  • Driving efficiency through service delivery
  • Modernising service delivery

Typical outcomes our clients are seeking:

  • Digitally Inspired Service Transformation, enabling more to be delivered for less
  • Creating new operating models and new commercial opportunities
  • Creating future-facing public and business services that deliver for all stakeholders
  • Creating new and improved revenue realisation
  • Creating capacity and capability for a wider Smart agenda including smart infrastructure, health, safety and sustainability
  • Enhanced organisational capability to deliver more for less
  • Smooth, sustainable transition to new operating models
  • Integrating multiple verticals to gain effectiveness and efficiency gains
  • Informed, connected and efficient environments, communities and citizens
  • Exploit potential of IoT and platforms

Perform Green Delivers Digitally Inspired Change

Perform Green applies first hand experience to generate digitally inspired change, balancing technology know-how with a sense of Social Purpose, uniting multiple parties for the greater good and leaving a positive legacy for our clients. We work with you to think and plan for the future while understanding the need to deliver business as usual, working within day to day constraints to create authentic business strategies and delivery plans.

Perform Green work with those bold enough to initiate real progressive change:

  • Saving you money
  • Creating commercial opportunities
  • Delivering future-facing public and business services for all stakeholders