“BCC had launched The Bristol Smart Operations Centre project but changes in leadership meant the project wasn’t moving anywhere fast. Perform Green came in and provided the leadership, strategy and pace we needed. We have just completed phase 1 – which was the build and implementation , Phase 1 of the project has finished on time under budget and exceeding all expectations. Our first multi-agency partner has moved in and our World Class Smart City Operations centre is moving into Phase 2 – I would recommend the team , Barney, Jim, David and Nikki to anyone wanting to make big differences – their expertise advice and leadership has ensured we have exceeded our own ambitious expectations.”

Patsy Mellor, Service Director – Bristol City Council

“Perform Green were brought in to review and help deliver our Hyper Connected Cities Project.  They brought challenge professionalism and a mix of public and private sector talent to the task, helped us refocus and deliver, to time and budget.  Their values delivered real value to us and I’d be happy to recommend”

Nicola Yates, CEO, Future Cities Catapult 

“As a new client of Perform Green I have been impressed by the knowledge and skills they have brought to bear in addressing the Digital challenge and opportunity we face on the Isle of Wight. Their solution based approach, speed of response and quality of output has been of highest quality and I wouldn’t hesitate in inviting them to quote for future work with the council”

Chris Ashman, Director of Regeneration – Isle of Wight Council

“As a relatively immature business, the JV partners wanted expert assistance in establishing and developing the business. Perform Green were appointed in April 2016 and undertook a review and made recommendations for the future development of the business. Barney Smith was appointed interim CEO, and supported by the wider company, took over the leadership of the business implementing Perform Green’s recommendations and using their expertise, connections, influence and entrepreneurialism to develop a sustainable business model that continues to grow and mature. I would have no hesitation in recommending Perform Green to others.”

Graeme Hobbs, Non-Executive Chairman – Bristol is Open

“I have worked with Perform Green on several occasions in various roles at Animal Health, Defra and most recently at the Food Standards Agency. I find Perform Green to be highly knowledgeable about the Digital and ICT marketplace, its potential and how to nurture and develop it for operational, commercial and market goals. They have a lot of depth, strategic vision and customer focus.”

Julie Pierce, Director of Openness, Data and Digital at Food Standards Agency

“Perform Green have been a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The quality of support they provided on a complex multi-faceted commission was first class subtlety recognising the need to focus on both the technical and cultural journey the health & care community would be required to take if it were to be successful. Moreover, their very obvious commitment to public value and supporting the NHS to be the best it can be meant they gelled seamlessly with the internal folks on the project. It really was a top drawer piece of work and if you asked me to score it I would give them an 11 out of 10!!”

Andy Kinnear, Director of Digital Transformation, NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support

“Perform Green came to the Bristol is Open Board highly recommended and were requested to undertake an operational and technical audit of Bristol Is Open and prepare a new business plan and model to ensure BIO was viable and successful in achieving the joint venture partners’ goals. Perform Green demonstrated strength and depth of experience and capability in delivering a successful outcome under the leadership of Barney Smith, who took on the role of CEO of BIO to ensure delivery and take the organisation forward. Performs Green and Barney in particular read instrumental in resolving a number of complex issues which required effective engagement with multiple stakeholders who had their own expectations. I would recommend Perform Green to others.”

Nishan Canagarajah, Pro-Vice Chancellor, The University of Bristol

“I have worked with Toby and Barney for many years on hugely diverse projects, both as a collaborator, and as a supplier. Yes, they are undoubtedly two of the smartest, sharpest, and pragmatic operators I know. But, more importantly, they work with great integrity, charm and with a sparkle in the eye. They are fearless in challenging orthodoxy and complacency, whilst accepting of commercial and political realities. Their focus is always on optimum outcomes.”

Simon Strong, Managing Partner, Download Learning Ltd

“Nikki is a real asset to the team. She has seamlessly integrated within ‘the programme’ and never fails to deliver. She is pragmatic, very personable and always has a smile which is infectious. Nikki has made a real positive difference. Nikki produces quality work, working on her own initiative. The programme needs creative solutions to help realise our vision and ambitions and Nikki does just that. I would not hesitate to recommend Nikki to others. I would love to have more Nikki’s in the team.”

Peter Anderson, Safer Bristol Manager, Citizens Service, Bristol City Council

“Nikki has a wonderful ability of getting to the heart of any problem or issue, and then help resolve it in a caring yet straightforward way. The way in which Nikki takes a collaborative approach to her work results in a supportive team environment. One of the things that has been helpful over the last few months is Nikki not only caring about the big stuff and supporting the team through it but also making the time to listen, support and assist with the more individual concerns that people have. This has resulted in a smooth transition for the team. Nikki not only has excellent people skills but has also made a difference to the way in which our customers can now access our services which should result in more business and a better quality of customer service.”

Gareth Mills, Emergency Control Supervisor, Bristol City Council