pile of old broken computersWaste management is often seen as a cost centre in both local authorities and businesses, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Perform Green provide leadership in moving towards adoption and roll-out of smart waste solutions, harnessing innovative technologies to deliver outstanding and reliable waste management, turning waste into resources. Our take-make-waste society is changing and has to change, and as circular economy ideas take hold organisations are seeing real financial and environmental improvements on the journey to recovering value from “waste”.

We help organisations to identify and prioritise to create responsive, future proof resource management, aligning the waste/resources internal transformation with organisational objectives and strategy and wider societal goals.

Our Smart Waste service enables clients to create a waste and resources masterplan, turning “waste” into real revenue.

Examples of how we can support our clients include:

  • Developing and deploying smart waste and resources solutions across the waste management and reprocessing chain including collection, recouping value from recycling and boosting a UK-based reuse and recycling industry.
  • Evaluating and exploiting smart waste infrastructure (e.g. “binfrastructure”).
  • Incorporation of Internet of Things and cloud-based technologies.
  • Working within day-to-day constraints, creating pragmatic strategies / plans.

Contact us today to explore how we can support:

  • Outlining waste management and collection options and masterplans.
  • Digitally-enabled waste management and data from your waste management chain.
  • Building collaborative partnerships between public services, communities and businesses.
  • Creating future-facing waste systems that deliver for all stakeholders.
  • Facilitating informed, engaged and contented citizens regarding waste programmes.
  • Creating new commercial opportunities, and maximising existing commercial 
  • Delivering efficient and adaptable services.
  • Identifying, reducing and removing unnecessary processes.

Perform Green Delivers Digitally Inspired Change

Perform Green applies first hand experience to generate digitally inspired change, balancing technology know-how with a sense of Social Purpose, uniting multiple parties for the greater good and leaving a positive legacy for our clients. We work with you to think and plan for the future while understanding the need to deliver business as usual, working within day to day constraints to create authentic business strategies and delivery plans.

Perform Green work with those bold enough to initiate real progressive change:

  • Saving you money
  • Creating commercial opportunities
  • Delivering future-facing public and business services for all stakeholders