Global Investment in a Smarter Society

There is massive global investment in 5G and Smart Society / Smart Cities, which is facilitating dramatic changes in transport, healthcare, the workplace, the high street etc.  Smart Society approaches are leading to significant breakthroughs include the application of:

  • Advanced data science
  • Robotics
  • Next-generation communications technology infrastructure (5G)
  • Augmented Intelligence (AI)

New Technologies are Bringing Rapid Changes to Behaviour

How people and organisations communicate, interact, shop, do business, work, invest and spend their leisure time etc. are all having to change to exploit (or accommodate) Smart Society innovations.  These changes affect:

  • Consumers
  • Businesses
  • Cities
  • Communities
  • Governments

Business Needs to Change

Businesses need to understand the emerging Smart Society landscape and adapt their products and services to remain relevant, or they will be superseded by more agile competitors. In particular, many find that:

  • they have significant legacy investments in systems, processes, people, products, services etc.
  • business models and value propositions out of date

Few businesses grasp the nature of the changes that are coming … fewer still are positioning themselves to capitalise on them

How do you align your products and services to the emerging Smart Society Opportunities?

Perform Green offer a Smart Society Innovation Workshop to align your products and services to the emerging smart society opportunities and set a roadmap. 

Key discoveries will be understanding of:

  • changing societal needs
  • changing technologies
  • business models
  • product/market fit
  • the value proposition
  • the emerging smart communications technologies.

Perform Green Delivers Digitally Inspired Change

Perform Green applies first hand experience to generate digitally inspired change, balancing technology know-how with a sense of Social Purpose, uniting multiple parties for the greater good and leaving a positive legacy for our clients. We work with you to think and plan for the future while understanding the need to deliver business as usual, working within day to day constraints to create authentic business strategies and delivery plans.

Perform Green work with those bold enough to initiate real progressive change:

  • Saving you money
  • Creating commercial opportunities
  • Delivering future-facing public and business services for all stakeholders