Perform Green provide leadership in the application and integration of digital technology in health and social care. We combine our expertise in organisational transformation with digital innovation to help organisations achieve systemic change  through the introduction or development of information technology systems. In health and social care systems we can help improve efficiency by enabling a more coordinated approach and support for front line staff.

Examples of how we can support our clients include:

  • Engaging stakeholders across the system in strategy development
  • Mentoring and coaching staff in system change
  • Monitoring to enable vulnerable people to live independently longer
  • Alerts to friends, family health and care providers
    Ongoing tracking to inform support provision
  • Alignment of change process with technology adoption
  • Facilitated workshops to engage stakeholders in change
  • Prototyping of technology solutions to enable flexibility
  • Establishing data management and communication systems
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation


Typical outcomes our clients are seeking include:

  • Better outcomes for patients and people in care
  • Efficiency improvements through service integration in NHS and LAs
  • Efficiency improvements by remote mentoring of frontline staff
  • Digital engagement across the system, including service users
  • More responsive support interventions
  • More coordinated health and care provision
  • Better coordination between family members and professional support staff
  • Psychological reassurance for vulnerable people and their families
  • Enabling less expensive solutions due to earlier interventions
  • Increases in Ageing Well


Case study: Local Digital Roadmap

Perform Green Delivers Digitally Inspired Change

Perform Green applies first hand experience to generate digitally inspired change, balancing technology know-how with a sense of Social Purpose, uniting multiple parties for the greater good and leaving a positive legacy for our clients. We work with you to think and plan for the future while understanding the need to deliver business as usual, working within day to day constraints to create authentic business strategies and delivery plans.

Perform Green work with those bold enough to initiate real progressive change:

  • Saving you money
  • Creating commercial opportunities
  • Delivering future-facing public and business services for all stakeholders