“I founded Perform Green after many years in senior public sector roles transforming how public services are developed and delivered through opportunities created by technology. These were all about delivering change for public good.

Whilst there were major successes resulting in Ministerial engagement and international recognition, the impact was always contained within organisational boundaries. The organisations were taking the benefit and whilst other bodies recognised them, they had no way of taking them on.

Many of the consultancies we worked with struggled to deliver innovation, and those that did often failed to leave legacy – clearly a deliberate strategy for many of the larger ones.

I realised that we needed an entrepreneurial agent that could act from without, and found many people in senior roles across the public and private sector with the same ethos saying the same.

So I took the leap and Perform Green (derived from ‘sustainable performance’) was born with many supporters – many still there whether directly or in the sidelines, & over the past few years we have built up an amazing talent pool from the private and public sectors.

We now live in a world where the phone in my pocket is more powerful than the Cray supercomputer at UCL that I was running simulations on nearly 30 years ago, and the phones are getting ever more sophisticated and powerful. In addition, every year more information is generated than the previous 2 years put together – a massive exponential curve. Now advances in robotics and Artificial Intelligence are starting to touch on our everyday lives.

This means that any organisation doing tomorrow what it did just a few years ago, in the same way, will fail. Even if you have already been disrupted, you will be again. Your customers will go somewhere else or fail to benefit from your services.

That’s why we take what we know about technology and the new business models to inspire change for good for our customers and ultimately their customers.”