At Perform Green we understand that not every project requires major transformation but that change projects and continuous, incremental changes can result in radically improved working productivity, processes and environments. Major change programmes require management across multiple levels, and consistent communication of the vision, approach and benefits are needed to ensure the inclusion and buy-in for every person and stakeholder group affected by the change.

Every project is bespoke and has it’s own unique challenges, but here at Perform Green we believe that we can apply our own change management model to ensure that nothing gets missed and we can keep your change projects on track to a successful outcome. We apply an internally designed change management model created through the combined knowledge and experience of managing change programmes for small businesses to global banks, throughout the last 15 years. Our people have learnt through direct successful project experience how to ensure change programmes make it from a strategic vision to deliver a positive, lasting legacy.

People are at the heart to any process of change, you cannot fundamentally make people into something different but how you approach change programmes and how you engage your teams will be critical to the overall success.  To deliver any form of incremental change, or to ultimately transform a working culture a real understanding of the benefits for each individual must be considered and communicated to ensure that every person is part of the journey and happy to be involved.

Our Change Management Approach

Paying attention to the people and organisational change aspects of a transformation programme is essential if you are going to realise the benefits you are seeking.

Although all change projects vary in depth and complexity, Perform Green has developed a comprehensive model to ensure that due consideration is given at the start to a broad range of  change management issues. By doing so, we ensure that crucial aspects of the change do not get overlooked.

Perform Green Change Management Model

We can support knowledge transfer and capability development for your team through understanding our change model, creating a streamlined and efficient working process that delivers tangible results and cohesive teams.

Perform Green People

At Perform Green we have a variety of highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable Change Leaders. Individuals who have run their own companies, held senior roles in local authorities, government and private business. They understand the pressures and demands of change and most importantly hold Perform Green values at their heart to ensure that communication and the people impacted by change are truly considered and at the heart of the developments.

“Nikki has a wonderful ability of getting to the heart of any problem or issue, and then help resolve it in a caring yet straightforward way. The way in which Nikki takes a collaborative approach to her work results in a supportive team environment. One of the things that has been helpful over the last few months is Nikki not only caring about the big stuff and supporting the team through it but also making the time to listen, support and assist with the more individual concerns that people have. This has resulted in a smooth transition for the team. Nikki not only has excellent people skills but has also made a difference to the way in which our customers can now access our services which should result in more business and a better quality of customer service.”

Gareth Mills, Emergency Control Supervisor, Bristol City Council

Nikki Davies is supporting the integration of 19 life critical care services for Bristol City Council into one smart integrated operating centre.