The energy landscape is changing. Consumers are becoming producers, the grid is being developed for two way trading, and the system is ripe for disruption. The “Amazon” or “Uber” of energy is coming, and we are leading the thinking to transform the grid from its industrial revolution heritage to a responsive, value-led, low carbon future.

Perform Green lead in developing smart energy solutions for their public and private clients.

On an organisational level, we are thought leaders in harnessing innovative technologies and facilitating collaborations between the entities in the energy supply chain to create responsive, future proof energy systems that clearly align energy transformation projects with organisation’s objectives and strategy. This service provides energy experts to inform your energy / utility masterplan.

On a city level we are experts in Smart Energy and Cities, helping with masterplanning and challenging authorities to plan and evolve cities to deliver low carbon energy and heating, meet air quality objectives, link to transport objectives such as the use of EVs as batteries, and more.

Examples of how we can support our clients include:

  • Evaluating and exploiting smart infrastructure.
  • Incorporation of Internet of Things and cloud-based technologies.
  • Working within day-to-day constraints from organisational to city-wide scale, creating pragmatic strategies / plans.
  • Sourcing cloud-based suppliers to reduce costs and increase resilience.
  • Linking smart energy solutions with strategic business and organisational development.

Contact us today to explore how we can support:

  • Outlining efficient and clean energy options and masterplans.
  • Digitally-enabled energy delivery, pricing and planning, for smart applications for your stakeholders.
  • Building new business models and structures.
Creating future-facing energy systems that deliver for all stakeholders and deliver environmental and financial returns.
  • Facilitating informed, engaged and contented citizens regarding energy programmes.
  • Creating new commercial opportunities, and maximising existing commercial
  • Delivering efficient and adaptable services.
  • Identifying, reducing and removing unnecessary processes.
  • Integrating ‘smart society’ solutions across multiple verticals.

Perform Green Delivers Digitally Inspired Change

Perform Green applies first hand experience to generate digitally inspired change, balancing technology know-how with a sense of Social Purpose, uniting multiple parties for the greater good and leaving a positive legacy for our clients. We work with you to think and plan for the future while understanding the need to deliver business as usual, working within day to day constraints to create authentic business strategies and delivery plans.

Perform Green work with those bold enough to initiate real progressive change:

  • Saving you money
  • Creating commercial opportunities
  • Delivering future-facing public and business services for all stakeholders