Becki Clark

Senior Consultant

An environmental scientist leveraging technology for good. Becki brings a decade’s experience in the environmental and sustainability sector and an eye toward the transition to net zero carbon in energy, circular waste management and sustainable use of water. 

Becki has a background and academic qualifications in environmental science that enables her to highlight the issues that have the most impact in our lives. She manages and motivates teams and groups to deliver the environmental, energy and sustainability benefits of projects and programmes in particular through digital and across digital means. She is responsible for project and budget management including end to end relationship management. She has also acted on client’s behalf in official hearings, public consultations, meetings with regulators and report writing, speaks regularly at conferences and is skilled at facilitation of groups. Described as a ‘doer’, Becki delivers work that is meaningful and has a significant environmental, social and economic impact.

Senior Consultant delivering:

  • Facilitation of disparate groups around a common aim using traditional and digital means
  • Generating ideas for and implementing new business and delivery models for organisations, groups and individuals
  • Working skilfully across Local Government, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Local Business to connect places
  • In-depth understanding of Smart and Sustainable Cities, Towns and Rural Areas
  • Business and Organisational Strategy for Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality
  • Governance in Digital Practices and Data Ethics 
  • Sustainability Strategies for Organisations, Groups and People
  • Smart and Digital Energy projects
  • Smart and Circular Resource Management (i.e. “Waste”)
  • Collaborative innovation and Partnerships

Notable projects:

5G Create project 5G Enabled Connected Automotive Logistics, 2020-2022: Becki is collaboration lead for the 5G Connected Automotive Logistics project based in the Nissan plant in the North East. 

Connected Places Catapult, January 2019 to March 2020, 5G Action Learning Network Lead: Becki was seconded into Future Cities Catapult as it was merging with Transport Systems Catapult to form Connected Places Catapult. Becki was put in a new position within the Catapult to take the deliverables from the Hyperconnected Project and build a new way to deliver the outputs to councils. As the lead facilitator of the 5G Action Learning Network, Becki brought councils together to increase their capability and fluency with the ‘wicked’ problems of 5G, around asset management, place making, inward investment and creating a positive development environment around telecommunications infrastructure. Building and iterating the network through gathering participants, Becki helped to shape early discussions and tease out issues of importance to LA’s around advanced connectivity and grasping the opportunity. The overall aim to increase council confidence with digital infrastructure roll outs, de-risk the proposition and bring public money together for the best benefit was achieved. 

Medway Council, November 2018 to January 2019, Smart Medway Digital Strategy: Becki facilitated, managed and delivered the Smart Medway Digital Strategy, including an initial 2 day discovery workshop across 5 key service sectors in the council. She helped to develop a strategy which maximises the opportunities for digital infrastructure, accelerating and enabling a transition of how the development will live, work, travel and use social infrastructure, not only for the target development but for the wider Medway. This was a critical piece of work for their £170m Housing Infrastructure Fund bid which was successful, and was prescient in preparing for a post-COVID working strategy.

Birmingham City Council, Energy Prospectus, October 2018 – December 2018: Becki delivered a comprehensive review of the current energy projects in Birmingham City, facilitating a full day’s workshop and managing the team to review planning applications, undertake desk research and designing and delivering a survey to benchmark energy projects in Birmingham. She then co-authored the Energy Prospectus document setting out the size and type of opportunity for the city (i.e. the gap between Birmingham’s current energy provisions and its ambitions for inward investment). This was presented on a bespoke digital map for communication and dissemination of information. 

Isle of Wight Council, March 2018 to September 2018, Digital Island Strategy: Perform Green helped the island transform itself into a Smart Society. Becki managed and facilitated the Digital Island Steering Group community, consisting of 30+ diverse stakeholders both on and off island all with large stakeholder interests in a Digital Strategy for the Island. This innovative and groundbreaking approach in community engagement enabled the island to win the Smart Island award at the Smart Islands World Congress in April 2018.


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