Challenges are opportunities to think in new ways and revolutionise what you do. You have to be bold, brave and understand the need to change along side a strategic plan to ensure a smooth delivery of a new world.

Whole industries are being disrupted by the “digital” economy, new technologies spin the way we consume, live and interact with each other. Ongoing austerity and the UK’s position as a relatively under-productive country can lead people to shrink their visions and ambitions. At Perform Green we see things differently.

Digital Transformation can reimagine service models, through the understanding and exploitation of technology and data. The application of digital is transforming our society, our services, our institutions and businesses at an ever increasing pace. The options are becoming more stark; transform or fail.

Perform Green believe in digitally inspired change and can help your organisation to transform your thinking, identify new opportunities and support your people to adapt and learn new techniques or approaches to deliver transformational ideas, solutions and working environments. We not only help with vision and strategy and people change (often the hardest) but we also construct and lead delivery of large scale transformations in public and private sector organisations and across whole ecosystems around ‘place’.

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Perform Green: Digital Transformation Experience

Perform Green people have operated across a breadth of transformative programmes across Local Authorities, Central Government and within the Private Sector. Our focus lies in digitally inspired change with high level technical know-how combining with our first-hand knowledge to bring experience and insight to any programme.

We focus on the holistic view. Support from the strategic level guarantees the correct challenge is prioritised and addressed, then ensuring a thorough action plan is delivered to time and on budget.


With a strong focus on economic and financial models, Perform Green can assist you in redefining your business model. We inspire and advise on how to create sustainable financial models that result in the long term success of your organisation.  We provide people that have transformed industries before and work at the cutting-edge of technology so you can be 100% informed about your options and the realities of the challenge ahead.

These commercial strategic viewpoints are combined with our ability to connect you with commercial and funding partners to make your ambitions a reality. Perform Green support can quicken any transformation programme through:

  • our knowledge of market opportunities
  • our ability to be a conduit for introductions to build successful partnerships
  • expediting knowledge transfer and
  • understanding the change management required to support any programme of transformation.

Our approach is unique, we bring high level specialists in, as and when you need them, with a key focus on supporting, training and developing your internal teams to be involved and engaged with the transformation. We help to lead, shape and implement transformation alongside internal teams striving to make the change. We never forgot that the people at the heart of your teams have to understand the benefits of a transformation in your organisation or industry. Communication and engagement with every person impacted by a transformation programme needs to be considered, an approach outlined and managed throughout the whole programme of work.


Peform Green have also been known to step in to get programmes back on track.  Tranformation programmes can lose direction for multiple reasons, if you have started a project and have concerns that you may not deliver to expectations then get in touch.

Bristol City Council’s Smart Operation Centre is a great example of how Perform Green can turn a programme around and exceed expectations.  We can respond and engage rapidly, our recent work with the NHS involved getting the senior support they required into position within one working week.

Building Smart Societies is a Challenge

At Perform Green we believe that digital opportunities allow us to completely rethink services and solutions, identifying internal automation through modern digital technology.

Disruptive technologies can allow us to reimagine how we do things, radical rethinking allows us to not only change an organisation but transform and revolutionise how it works and what is delivered.

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