NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit requested Perform Green develop a new Leadership, Governance and Delivery model for the BNSSG Local Digital Roadmap (LDR).

The Challenge

The assignment involved working across 15 different organisations requiring a high level of awareness of some challenging relationships and a deep understanding of the political context of the health and care environment. Engagement and agreement from around 30 stakeholders, including Chief Executives, Senior Clinicians and CIO’s across health and social commissioners and providers in the region, including local authorities had to be understood, clarified and aligned.

What did Perform Green Deliver?

Perform Green worked to build a high-trust collaborative partnership with all of the organisations across the BNSSG network to test the emerging proposals through a series of design workshops. This demonstrates one of our core values in action at Perform Green: we build collaborative, high-trust partnerships between our clients and our people; and we are authentic and trusted in that relationship.

A range of approaches were used to engage stakeholders over the three-month assignment, this included:

  • face to face interviews
  • workshop sessions for various influences
  • regular follow ups to demonstrate how concerns and issues had been addressed, written and in person.

The solutions presented introduced the concept of a convergence strategy of information systems and infrastructure, to enable increasing interoperability between organisations. It also recommended the creation of, and defined the role of, a full business and technical design authority function (enterprise architecture) as part of the proposed delivery model. Perform Green has extensive knowledge in finding new and innovative ways for identifying and delivering best practice that will leave our clients with a sustainable legacy. A major part of the recommendations set out how front line staff should be engaged in the design and delivery of digital transformation. This involved challenging the more traditional top down hierarchical model, to support a more innovative governance model.

Key Success

There was a limited track record of these organisations working together, so the gap that needed to be closed to deliver the LDR successfully was substantial. By communicating regularly and effectively with stakeholders across the group, a broad agreement about the way forward was achieved.

By being able to demonstrate a high level of knowledge about digital transformation in the public sector, the BNSSG stakeholders quickly became confident in the Perform Green consultant and often followed up by referring others to speak to him. We take pride in delivering demonstrable results, and as such provide our clients with people that are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the subject matter area(s).


Why Perform Green?

Perform Green were able to bring practical experience of customer and user insight to drive the design of digital solutions. We also offered end to end service redesign experience, particularly in areas such as prevention, early intervention and self-care, based on previous experience working with local authorities.

Being able to supply someone at a peer level to their Senior Management Team encouraging trust for effective engagement, coupled with the direct experience in digital transformation was absolutely critical to the successful delivery of this assignment.

“Perform Green have been a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The quality of support they provided on a complex multi-faceted commission was first class subtlety recognising the need to focus on both the technical and cultural journey the health & care community would be required to take if it were to be successful. Moreover, their very obvious commitment to public value and supporting the NHS to be the best it can be meant they gelled seamlessly with the internal folks on the project. It really was a top drawer piece of work and if you asked me to score it I would give them an 11 out of 10!!”

Andy Kinnear, Director of Digital Transformation, NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support