The City of Wolverhampton Council have committed to pursuing a Smart City agenda, and Perform Green provided an achievable action plan to progress the Vision.

The Challenge

Like any initiative, knowing where to start to achieve maximum impact and knowing the ‘art of the possible’ is a challenge for anyone embarking on this journey.

What did Perform Green Deliver?

Perform Green engaged with the Strategic Executive Board around the strategy and combined vision to ultimately frame a “smart” programme and ensure alignment between all stakeholders on the overarching objectives for Wolverhampton. We;

  • Explored the opportunities that a “smart” approach can offer
  • Discussed how to deliver lasting legacy results for the City
  • Built our understanding of the priority City Challenges
  • Ensured requirements, vision and opportunities are understood
  • Explored real life examples of how this approach has improved other locations

From this we developed a series of building blocks to meet the ambition and scoped a series of initiatives with potential return on investment to support achievement of the vision.

Key Success

Whilst we delivered an implementation plan, we also gave additional, value added support to The City of Wolverhampton on implementing a Smart Street lighting initiative and Fibre Networks, including commentary on a subsequently successful Local Full Fibre Network bid.

We returned a few months later to provide a suite of technical specifications for smart street lighting, connectivity and remote air quality sensors.

Why Perform Green?

Perform Green are experts, strategists and leaders in Smart Society, which encompasses Smart City. Our work in achieving real delivery of ground breaking, globally recognised, smart city initiatives along with advising a number of bodies on connectivity put us out ahead in terms of making ‘Vision Real’ through real practical action.