A major ongoing transformation programme was underway at Bristol City Council (BCC) which required the full development of an ICT Sourcing Strategy. Perform Green were able to support this strategy through direct knowledge and recognition of the potential within the local supplier base and local digital economy, valued at £1.8bn GVA.

The Challenge

The new support model would need to take advantage of major trends in ICT delivery such as the move towards cloud computing, the use of mobile and home computing and the focus on open data standards. There were also several major business drivers that would challenge the future ICT operating model, which included;

  • Severe cost reductions
  • Welfare reforms
  • Personalisation in adult care
  • Increased commissioning of services
  • Increased inter-agency / partnership working
  • Customer self service

What did Perform Green Deliver?

The programme resulted in a significant change to the business side operations of the council, changes to the technology base and major changes to the existing support model.

Our Approach Included:

  • An analysis of the local & national market place
  • A root and branch review of current ICT operations
  • An analysis of future technology trends and potential directions to meet the needs of the Council business transformation programme
  • A strategic study to identify the most cost-effective approach to future ICT operations
  • Finally, Perform Green developed a business case to support the initialisation of the programme of change.


Perform Green Delivered:

  • A review of the current situation, supplier landscape and target architecture
  • Undertook market analysis and engagement
  • Engaged leaders in considering delivery options
  • Constructed the business case for an ICT Sourcing Programme
  • Led the sourcing programme
  • Designed structures, processes and capabilities to deliver the new commercial model
  • Implemented BAU operations across procurement, commercial management and supplier relationship management, ensuring knowledge transfer to staff
  • Set up and ran supplier workshops


The whole process from discovery to final delivery was completed within 10 weeks with Perform Green completing the strategic review and business case to the full satisfaction of the sponsors, and the Council Director for Business Change and ICT.

The final recommendations that were presented to the council directorship also included an options selection approach that balanced risk against reward. The quality and value of Perform Green’s proposals for Bristol City Council led to a further meeting between the elected leader of the council and Perform Green’s lead consultant to discuss the options and opportunities for future council plans and scope.

Key Success

We saved the Council £8m pa and increased spend in the local digital ecosystem improving the economy of the city region.

Long Term Results Include:

  • A shift to a commissioning model with a streamlining of procurement processes
  • Increased use of innovative and cloud based ICT tools;
  • and a commitment to 25% SME spend by the Council.

Why Perform Green?

Perform Green were able to supply expert knowledge and advice of the local supplier base and regional digital economy to support a high-level understanding of sourcing options available to BCC. This clarity of the situation was also supported by previous experience with procurement channels and an excellent understanding of the people and process challenges and solutions. Especially in relation to the change management approach required when adapting sourcing strategies for maximum impact and effectiveness.

Following selection of the preferred option Perform Green were further engaged to provide ongoing Executive support and advice to the subsequent change programme, including developing the HR and recruitment processes.

Perform Green also provided expert resources to support existing staff during the introduction of organisational changes throughout the ICT operation including:

  • Building the supplier relationship management function
  • Processes development
  • Commercial management
  • The selection of new suppliers.