Perform Green were engaged to provide strategic facilitation support to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to find and engage with a suitable Local Authority partner. The aim was to explore, develop and establish a pilot for a New Delivery Model on behalf of the FSA.

The Challenge

This requirement arose from the FSA’s Strategic Plan for 2015-20, which outlines how the FSA will work to achieve their goal of ‘food we can trust’ and how they will continue to put consumers first in everything they do. However, the Strategic Plan was set in the context of an increasingly unsustainable business model – one that relied heavily on agents in third party organisations, not least of which were Environmental Health Officers in Local Authorities (LA’s) being heavily impacted by austerity measures.

What did Perform Green Deliver?

Perform Green mobilised a team within a week to design and deliver:
A high level New Delivery Model, jointly developed with a Local Authority partner, with a pilot established, that was informed by drivers for change and anticipated challenges or barriers to change.

Three key workshops were designed and delivered, involving a wide range of stakeholders and topic areas. These were to:

  • Identify, share, and explore value of existing data, and the potential data needs from customers
  • To examine the end to end customer process – to build lean, customer-centric processes
  • To explore implementation on LA digital platform, with focus on Business Change Implementation, Business Change Management and Business Development.

This resulted in a pilot commencing once wider support for the new delivery model was approved.

“I have worked with Perform Green on several occasions in various roles at Animal Health, Defra and most recently at the Food Standards Agency. I find Perform Green to be highly knowledgeable about the Digital and ICT marketplace, its potential and how to nurture and develop it for operational, commercial and market goals. They have a lot of depth, strategic vision and customer focus”.

Julie Pearce, Director of Openness, Data and Digital at Food Standards Agency

Key Success

Perform Green facilitated the development of a collaborative partnership between the FSA and Bristol City Council (BCC), having first initiated contact with senior FSA and BCC stakeholders.

Delivery of the workshops required bringing together two teams from separate organisations, building trust and collaborative working relationships, and facilitating productive working to address complex, multi-stakeholder challenges.

Perform Green also provided 1-1 senior stakeholder assurance to support role out of the strategy, and the establishment of a pathfinder (pilot project).

Overall, the outcomes of this Perform Green-led project were:

  • New Delivery Model outline created, taking account of risk based approaches and risk assessment; high-level customer segmentation; innovative charging and licensing options; change capability, gaps and support needed; and need and willingness to change (understanding drivers and challenges),
  • New Delivery Model plan for pilot / prototype implementation
  • FSA / Local Authority Pilot initiated.

We are proud that this demonstrates our values of finding innovative solutions to problems, leading to demonstrable results and a sustainable legacy for our clients.

Why Perform Green?

Perform Green were able to rapidly provide a team with specialist subject matter expertise, knowledge and experience resulting from being part of blended teams in Local Authority and Government Agency environments. Senior connections were able to be quickly established via Perform Green with Bristol City Council to support the FSA in finding a LA partner.

Each of the workshops required a varied range of specialists, from ICT experts to adaptable facilitators which Perform Green were able to source rapidly at the required knowledge levels. This ensured the process ran smoothly from conception to delivery of the pilot.