Our directors Barney Smith and Toby Rhodes led a team helping Defra to increase innovation in the development and delivery of ICT-enabled solutions to tackle rural and environmental challenges.

We did this through researching and engaging the SME marketplace, to enable collaborative exploration of challenges to increase spend with SME’s.

The Challenge

The Government had a target of 25% spend (both directly and indirectly) with SMEs by 2015, and expressed a view that 50% of new spend could be with SMEs (Information Economy Strategy 2013).

Defra had made excellent progress towards the 25% target, however progress for the ICT category is less advanced.

SMEs were seen to bring more innovation to delivery of services as they constantly reinvent themselves to compete in a rapidly evolving market. SMEs are also a major contributor to the economy (with 95% of businesses in the information economy sector employing fewer than 10 people)

The vision was agreed as:

  • Increase the use of SMEs in the ICT supply chain (direct and indirect) towards a target of 25% of spend
  • Leverage value into delivery of Defra network priorities, e.g. Rural Economy, through direct spend and leverage insight into innovation

What did we Deliver?

A team of Perform Green smart city consultants was established to work with key stakeholders at Croydon Council. The project was split into three short phases with the overall aim of delivering a report providing a thorough review of CCTV in Croydon and potential opportunities for service expansion.

In just 7 weeks, Perform Green completed:

  • A discovery exercise to assess the existing CCTV estate, network solution and control room technology currently in place in Croydon
  • An in-depth research exercise to identify relevant case studies and use cases for smart CCTV services, augmented with our teams already extensive knowledge
  • A number of options for alternative connectivity network solutions to replace the existing solution in Croydon
  • A series of recommendations on standards, codes, operating models and technology solutions to support any potential new service implementations
  • An impact analysis including prioritisation and cost implications associated with new service development
  • Detailed technical specifications for CCTV camera hardware and control room operating system software upgrades

Key Success

The potential new services outlined in the report offer significant cost saving and revenue generation opportunities, as well as enabling new smart city public services in Croydon. The Connectivity Network models provided could also result in huge cost savings for the council

The impact analysis provides the bases for a roadmap to developing funding models and implementation plans for new smart services.

Why Perform Green?

Perform Green are market leaders in developing strategies and solutions for smart cities and smart societies. Our consultants have a deep understanding of the technology, processes and standards required to implement new smart services at local authorities across the UK. Having been instrumental in the development of the Bristol Operations Centre, including a complete overhaul of the CCTV estate and creation of a state of the art control room, we were ideally suited to delivering this research report for Croydon.