Perform Green, in partnership with Urban Economic were commissioned by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership in early February, 2020 to deliver an economic input output model (I/O) to facilitate the NE LEP in assessing the potential economic impact of a new suite of portfolio programmes under a new anticipated tranche of funding called Shared Prosperity Programme.
The team created a series of tools to help guide the NE LEP throughout the process of funding application to Treasury through the critical thinking pathways of beginning to demonstrate the economic impact of the LEPs future programmes of activity.

Economic Development Tools developed for NE LEP include:

  • A Value For Money Appraisal (adhering to Treasury Green Book methodology)
  • An Economic Input Output model
  • An investment Scenario Planning tool

As the NE LEP continue to refine their portfolio offering, the tools created in this commission can be refined further to reflect more targeted activities.