In 2021, Perform Green have been appointed to work in partnership with Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) to develop an Economic Futures Framework. This will form the cornerstone of the a long-term economic plan for economic recovery, resilience and growth. Working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, we will co-create with BCBC:

  • An economic recovery plan 
  • An economic futures strategy
  • A data package
  • An investment decisions toolkit 
  • A governance, engagement and delivery plan

The Economic Futures Framework is completely separate from our previous “Smart Town” commission with BCBC: Perform Green have supported BCBC’s Smart Town ambitions since 2019, leading to a project early in 2020 to develop business cases for rolling out connectivity and smart society solutions across the South Wales region, focusing on delivering operational savings and service improvements to public services. To deliver this project, we engaged with multiple stakeholders, within the Council and delivery partners, housing associations and developers, and with the Welsh Government.

The Project involved:

  • Building a local stakeholder map and undertaking semi-structured interviews.
  • Scoping of technical and infrastructure requirements of delivering a Smart Bridgend Vision.
  • Undertaking a comprehensive review, explanation and assessment of the range of delivery models/solutions.
  • Undertaking a review and assessment of funding models/options for individual challenges and for connectivity.
  • Conducting a financial appraisal and model based on high level costs.
  • Developing a high-level business case, containing recommendations for connectivity solutions.
  • Working closely with stakeholder partners to help them understand how digital connectivity could support local projects
  • Creating a short introduction and benefits statements for a range of smart solutions (detailed business cases) such as how digital connectivity could support short- and medium-term economic regeneration, air quality, smart homes, CCTV and road maintenance).
  • Building a roadmap for delivery, including procurement and implementation strategy.

Project Delivery outcomes: We produced multiple mini business cases which gained Cabinet level support.