Perform Green won an open tender to deliver an Energy Prospectus for Birmingham City Council.

The Challenge

Birmingham city is undergoing a huge programme of redevelopment and at the same time working to achieve ambitious carbon reduction targets. Perform Green were appointed to create an Energy Prospectus that would set out where Birmingham City currently is on this journey and identify the energy and digital infrastructure opportunities on the horizon to deliver growth while reducing CO2emissions, to provide the citizens and businesses of Birmingham with a great place to live, work, invest and play.

What did Perform Green Deliver?

A Perform Green team was established to work closely alongside Birmingham City Council and a number of other key stakeholders to undertake a detailed research project in support of the development of the Energy Prospectus.

Over the course of 16 weeks, Perform Green completed:

  • Detailed project and stakeholder engagement plans to determine the roadmap for the project
  • A thorough desk research activity to identify key stakeholders and projects that would contribute to the project
  • A huge number of meetings, interviews and site visits with a wide variety of stakeholders to capture valuable insights
  • Development of a micro-website providing information on the project goals
  • A comprehensive online survey to gather data from key stakeholders
  • A series of workshops with community energy groups to dive deeper into some of the key issues
  • A geolocation mapping and carbon reduction calculation tool providing in depth analysis of the energy landscape in Birmingham
  • The final Energy Prospectus document covering the existing situation, the introduction of energy innovation zones, potential investment opportunities and carbon calculations.

Key Successes

The research activities undertaken have generated a huge amount of data on the energy landscape in Birmingham that has been included in the Prospectus and mapping tools.

The Energy Prospectus project has helped to generate further interest in carbon reduction across the city of Birmingham

The Energy Prospectus Document was delivered on time and the principles set out are being aligned with current developments within Birmingham City Council and wider Energy Capital developments.

Why Perform Green?

Perform Green provided a professional and efficient team with the requisite skills to deliver the work in a collaborative and supportive manner. Having previously worked on a number of energy projects as well as the City Leap Prospectus for Bristol, the Perform Green team were ideally placed to deliver the Energy Prospectus for Birmingham. We were able to deploy a team quickly to meet the tight project timeline. Our programme director had the knowledge, experience and network of contacts to be able to achieve the project goals and communicate with stakeholders at the highest level to achieve buy in to the project.