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25th Jan 2019 | Articles, HR, Innovation, News, Thinking

What will smart working look like 10 years from now?

Alison White of PLACEmaking and Barney Smith of Perform Green take a look at exciting future technology solutions and what ‘going to work’ will… Read More

20th Dec 2018 | Innovation, News

A Casual Cartographer’s Christmas List

Some Christmassy thoughts from Perform Green Senior Consultant Becki Clark Deck the halls, it’s Christmas time, and you know what that means. Mince pies,… Read More

14th Dec 2018 | Articles, Local Government, News, Thinking

Quandary convergence – humanity’s challenge

A thought piece by Perform Green Sector Director William Edrich. While pondering the current discussion happening at COP24 in Katowice, the recent IPCC special… Read More

4th Dec 2018 | News

Perform Green signs the Bristol Equality Charter

Bristol is a vibrant city with a growing diverse population. The Bristol Equality Charter has the ambition to create a fairer, safer, accessible and inclusive… Read More

22nd Nov 2018 | Innovation, Local Government, News, Thinking, UK Government

Digitizing the Public Sector

IT is transforming our lives around us at paces that we just cannot understand. We are talking about cars that have autopilots, we have… Read More

16th Nov 2018 | Articles, Innovation, News, Thinking

Freedom to Innovate

What do you do when you have complete freedom to innovate as an Executive Assistant? I have been working for Barney Smith our… Read More

5th Nov 2018 | Articles, HR, Innovation, News, Thinking

Making Remote Working Work For You

Remote working is being discussed more and more as an innovative way for teams to become more efficient. Improvements in home internet speeds and developments… Read More

12th Sep 2018 | News

Hyperconnected Workshop 20/09/18

Perform Green are pleased to be supporting the Future Cities Catapult who will be hosting a workshop on the subject of 5G testbed and demonstrators for cities… Read More

10th Aug 2018 | Local Government, News, Thinking, UK Government

Those (large) hidden revenue streams for public bodies

Public Bodies are under intense financial pressure, and services will suffer. Right? I would argue “up to a point”. There are in fact some significant hidden… Read More

6th Aug 2018 | Local Government, News, Thinking

Delivering a Smart Society and in particular Smart Cities

People are variously excited, daunted and perturbed by the concept of Smart Society and Smart City. They see it as a huge change,… Read More