We’re delighted to have passed the initial assessment stage on the road to Perform Green becoming a B Corporation (B Corp). As we go through the next step in the process, we hope to soon join the community of more than 1,000 certified B Corps from 33 countries and over 60 industries. That includes world-class businesses, such as Hootsuite, Kickstarter, Triodos Bank, Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s.

What is a B Corp?

Essentially, a B Corp is for-profit company that has a positive impact on people, the environment or both. It’s about redefining what success looks like to include social and environmental outcomes. As we state in our values, Perform Green’s purpose is to create change for the better.

To become a B Corp, a company must go through a rigorous process set by B Lab, the non-profit behind the B Corp initiative. They look closely to make sure any aspiring B Corp meets exceptional standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Once certified, a B Corp has the stamp of approval to say it offers a better, more positive way of doing business. Organisations that work with a B Corp know that they are going to get a great experience that will have a real impact on the people they serve.

Why we want Perform Green to be a B Corp

Perform Green was founded with clear objectives and a strong set of values. From the very beginning, we set out to innovate, build relationships and leave a positive legacy with everyone we work with. When we say we want to create change for the better, we really mean it.

We think our approach to business is well-aligned with the requirements set out for B Corp certification. Our highly experienced team at Perform Green always provide tangible, sustainable results. By helping organisations tackle some of society’s biggest challenges, we improve people’s lives and transform communities.

Passing the first stage of the B Corp certification process is fantastic news. We are now going through stage two, which involves being able to show that Perform Green is ready and able to adapt in the long-term. Change is what we do, so fingers crossed, we’ll be able to announce full B Corp accreditation in the near future.

Learn more about Perform Green

Ready to find out more about Perform Green and what we do? Take a look at how the company was founded, our list of clients and some of our recent work. If you’d like to speak to us about a challenge or opportunity that we can help with, email info@performgreen.co.uk or phone 01242 964032.