Shruti Bhargava Perform Green Associate

Shruti Bhargava

Change Consultant and Board Facilitator

Shruti is a versatile management consultant with a strong analytical approach, complemented by a strategic outlook and excellent leadership, facilitation and soft skills. She has a combination of experience in delivering consultancy to the private sector, and applying this in the public sector as an “insider” (including senior roles in social housing, a large city council and the Audit Commission) to transform services and support senior managers with strategic challenges.

Shruti’s approach is both facilitative and collaborative, drawing on extensive experience, skills and tools. She likes to work in partnership with clients, become part of their teams, and get people involved. With a natural coaching style, Shruti believes in building capability to achieve sustainable solutions, and likes to provide opportunities for wide and creative participation.

Shruti is particularly skilled at tackling big challenges and complexity – making sense of those issues that no-one can get their head round, or everyone thinks just can’t be fixed. It doesn’t matter if its strategic, operational, or about people – the more dimensions to it, the better. Shruti will get to the bottom of what’s going on, and work with clients and stakeholders to design and implement sustainable solutions.

Strategic thinking & visioning
Transformational change
Trouble-shooting challenges and complex problems
Leadership, culture, board & senior team development
Organisation design