Phill Wilson

Programme and Project Manager

Phill is a highly experienced programme and project manager with 20+ years’ experience across multiple sectors including automotive, defence, health. His expertise also extends to Kaizen Continuous Improvement and he has blended this sustainable methodology into all of the programmes and projects he has delivered.  He has also established continuous improvement regimes in numerous client organisations with tremendous success.


Combined and acute skills in both change and operations has enables Phill to establish multiple Project Management Offices in both the private and public sector. His experience in Quality Audit, management accounting and senior stakeholder engagement has ensured that structure, governance and process are delivered at all stages and that time, cost and quality are managed effectively throughout.


‘Focus, structure, discipline, ownership’ is the modus operandi that Phill lives by.  This enables him to be a powerfully leader in both the delivery of significant change initiatives and in business operations, and has provided clients in the NHS, motor sports and third sector organisations with effective frameworks to build strategy, deliver operations, affect major change and establish sustained improvement.