In 2015 Perform Green helped innovative and fast growing tech start-up Deliverd to deepen their understanding of their organisational culture and harness the creative talents of all staff to explore and agree the culture and behaviours they need to ensure sustainable and successful business growth.

To prepare for the workshop, we engaged with Deliverd directors, to help them think through the process of aligning purpose, vision values and culture.

This entailed:

  • setting some clear goals and success criteria for the workshop;
  • how to prepare for the workshop through staff and customer engagement;
  • setting out their vision for the business;
  • creating some “working draft” statements of values, purpose & vision
  • creating a pragmatic plan for what would happen after the workshop to ensure that all insights and learning were translated into business change.

At the workshop, all staff (including one via Skype) contributed to the draft values, purpose & vision statements to start, and spent time considering the behaviours and culture that they wanted to embed in the business as it grows. This was followed by a practical focus on how this collaborative thinking would impact on specific areas of the business (e.g. recruitment, performance management, dealing with customers etc.)

“It was so important to us to create a positive culture here at Deliverd. We really are vested in it and are making sure that Deliverd is a place where people want to be was key to us so was something we wanted to take very seriously. Perform Green has been absolutely brilliant through the process, helping the team with the pre-work before the culture day and then creating a day that each and every person in the team will remember. Absolutely awesome.”
Paul Rawlings, co-founder & CEO of Deliverd