In 2018 we published our essential guide for local authorities. Based on the work that we have just completed at Sunderland City Council where a joint venture has been launched between Sunderland City Council and BAI Communications Limited to deliver a city wide 5G Neutral Host, we have updated the 5G Neutral Host Essential Guide in October 2021 to reflect the learnings from that process. This guide is now available to download below.


The next generation of mobile telecommunications, known as ‘5G’, comes with a set of opportunities for Local Authorities that may not be self-evident at first glance, based on a new model called ‘Neutral Host’. 5G is a technological step change triggering a transformation in market incentives, making the ‘Neutral Host’ model operationally feasible and increasingly commercially attractive.

Perform Green, in collaboration with law firm Bevan Brittan, have produced an essential guide that explains how a network built using 5G technologies and architecture has a number of characteristics that will make it valuable to Local Authorities seeking new revenue streams as well as providing opportunities to improve services for citizens and attract new businesses.

It is easy to become lost in the hype and ‘techno-speak’ of any major shift in technology; our guide cuts through that to lay out the opportunity in real terms.

To download our revised essential guide 2021, follow this link and complete the short registration form: