Integrated Operations Centre


As part of its Smart City agenda, Bristol City Council have commited to create an integrated city-wide management, service delivery and collaborative centre for Bristol. Focussed on the needs of citizens, and aided by an open information platform to encourage innovation on the safety needs of citizens.  The £8.3million Programme brings together:

Traffic Management

Bus Lane Enforcement

Public Space Monitoring

Out of hours, Concierge and Telecare Services for 13,000 people across the UK

The Challenge

Perform Green were appointed by the Council’s CEO in March 2016 to review progress with the programme and build delivery assurance in order to align the budget and deliverable outcomes. Bringing together and integrating teams and capabilities from multiple sectors across the organisation presented a variety of complex challenges.

What did Perform Green Deliver?

Barney Smith was established as the Programme Director reporting to the CEO, and undertook a root and branch review of the programme deliverables. This resulted in a re-planning exercise and major restructuring to protect critical milestones that would have significant beneficial impacts on spend.

Objectives met

An Operations Centre environment to meet agreed accreditation standards

Up to date, integrated and resilient technology

Co-located and joined up operations, within, and supporting, the functions of the Operations Centre

A safe, secure, performing operating centre that sells itself to partners

Development of the commercial model to achieve additional benefit of £8.4m over 10 years

Why Perform Green?

Perform Green were able to supply expertise and strategic leadership from those with direct experience working in Local Authorities and with a prior history of delivering programmes to budget and on time. Alongside Programme leadership, Perform Green have played a critical role in:

Staff Engagement

Commercial Engagement

Ownership of the Service Design

Technology Innovation

Key Successes

As at end of January 2017, potential external stakeholders of the facility were commenting on the quality, thoughtfulness and potential of the facility to transform lives of citizens and drive inter-agency efficiency of operations.

The Programme was scheduled to cost £8.3 million and deliver direct financial benefit to estates (closure of an office saving £2m pa, and sale of another for £750K) and an additional £800k pa in business efficiencies and commercial revenue. The root and branch review discovered that the programme would overspend (by at least £1.5m) and under-deliver (by at least £750K pa).

Perform Green stepped into the programme and reengineered it to bring it back into line, the programme is due to complete in September 2017 to time and to budget as laid out in the original business case approved by BCC Cabinet in October 2015, and business benefits are expected to be exceeded.

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