Purpose, Values and Ethics

Perform Green is a leading strategy and innovation consultancy, recognised as being a catalyst to deliver change for the better; by local and national governments, businesses and communities.

Change for the better:

Helping businesses deliver for all of their stakeholders

Helping social and public institutions support society, the economy and the environment more economically and effectively

TRUST: We build collaborative, high trust partnerships between our clients and our people. We are authentic and trusted in that relationship.

INNOVATION: We find new ways to solve old and new problems, bringing original thinking and the application innovative solutions from elsewhere.

RESULTS: Our people are highly experienced, building and sharing that experience to deliver demonstrable results for our clients.

SUSTAINABILITY: We embed change and create sustainability for the long-term. We do this through our working practices, and through implementing our belief that we have to be enjoyable to work with; for our clients and our people.

LEGACY: We leave a positive legacy, enabling our clients and our people to develop and continue to succeed long after our involvement.

We are committed to help our clients innovate and be more productive.

We will:

Commit 10% of our leadership time to voluntary and charitable activities

Pay at least the living wage, and encourage our suppliers to do likewise

Minimise our environmental impact

Minimise our travel, and maximise use of sustainable transport when we need to

Minimise resource use

Seek to use products with high environmental standards

We believe:

Businesses have a responsibility to work for the benefit of all their stakeholders including the communities they operate in, not just their shareholders

Society benefits from a strong economy

Businesses benefit from a strong society

Business and society are dependent on a healthy environment

Change for the better – for our fantastic clients, for our brilliant people and for our society